Chadwick Road

Location: Peckham, London

Client: Private

Metalwork: John Desmond Steel

Photography by: Stefan Shaw Studio

Completed in 2017, the design has surpassed the aspirations of the client providing flexible deep open plan living in a warm and comfortable environment, with fantastic views out to the south facing garden. Focussed around entertaining, maximising space and provision of daylight through the home, this Victorian terrace extension provides the setting for a young expanding family in South London.

With a beautiful garden but no direct access, well orientated but with limited daylight and a single bedroom with disconnected living/ dining areas, the original home was unfit for family life. Our Brief was simple - link the garden to the living area, create an extra bedroom and maximise day light throughout the home.

Lined in a reclaimed French Oak parquet floor, the home seamlessly opens into the garden, creating  an additional summertime room.  Designed with passive heating and cooling, the rear façade enjoys a rose gold coloured stainless steel Brise soleil. This reduces solar heat gain in summer, while reflecting the sun deep into the home late in winter.

The side return was in filled to create an en-suite wet room with glazed doors to the primary bedroom for a spark of theatricality. This new addition to a beautiful original terrace has been carefully considered in its design and beautifully delivered in its manufacture.